Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boise to Omaha: Dec. 27-29, 2006

My trip was a God-sighting experience.

Johannan and I listened to the book "Redeaming Love" by Francine Rivers, on tape, from Idaho through Omaha. I heard how God wants to be our provider and hopes we will just obey him and trust him. The "obey" part bristled by hair at first like the part in marriage ceremonies where she promised to obey him. But God is not made in my image, so I'm wrestling with promising to obey, knowinig that God is perfect and good, reminding myself that God never asks me to do too much or too hard of things. He plans the best for us and calls us "Beloved." Beautiful and breathtaking.

And I saw God's provision at work. There were several places that I barely got through: waking up in Cheyenne with 9 inches of blown snow, avoiding a car sliding off the road behind us in western (COLD) Nebraska, finally getting to fly out of Omaha and barely making the connecting flight from Denver to Boise.
I finally relaxed, sipping hot water and lemon 1000 feet over the Rocky Mountains: surrounded by snow and low clouds, moonlight generously drizzled on their peaks and edges.

"Tirzah, beloved" God breathed.

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@bdul muHib said...

I read this at first and thought it was about Barack.

I'm getting way too myopic.