Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've already been to Mexicao and Kigali, and that was just over lunch.
Two sixth-grade girls and I walked to Lupita's restaurant in downtown Dayton through the cool sunshine. One explained how my horchata drink was made while I waited for my burrito mojado.
When I returned to school, the Skype icon on my computer beeped to alert me that one of my contacts was online. It was Chrissy in Kigali and she was still awake. Though awake, she was not alert enough to appreciate my helpful suggestions. Maybe she was merely distracted. Could be Chrissy is actually asleep right now and drooling on her computer keyboard while still signed-in to Skype. Could be that she is playing her 12th game of solitaire. Or could be that she is using an alternate font to decode a message from her informant in Uzbekistan. Makes you think. =)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Los Angeles!

Greetings friends,

I just had a hop down to LA for an extended four day visit with my boyfriend Jeremy's grandma. I'd only ever driven by or been in the airport of Los Angeles. We had a wonderfully relaxing time, lots of time chatting with grandma, and got to see a few cool sites. So, this will be more of a picture blog...

Jeremy and I arrived on Thursday afternoon and just had time for a brief walk around the neighborhood before dinner. The house is just off Sunset Blvd - so a beautiful area - and a wonderful old house. This is the front yard:

And some sculptures around the house:

On Friday we went up to the old Getty on the hill. The new Getty (the Getty Villa) requires reservations a month in advance! It would have been cool to see, but the old Getty was amazing...

They had a great collection of illuminated manuscripts:

There was a really interesting piece in the main entry called the 'uberorgan.' It was made of recycled bits and pieces and looked like intestines or something, but it was actually a musical instrument and played once per hour. The 'organ' is controlled by a 250 foot long loop of mylar painted with black dots and dashes that triggers light sensitive switches.

We managed to make it to the beach for a few moments amongst some other errands, and back to grandma's house for dinner and chatting late into the night.

On Saturday we went to LACMA - the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We only looked at a few exhibits, but I really enjoyed the Japanese pavilion. The interior of the building was just fascinating. Jeremy got a few shots of it...

After LACMA we went to Canter's for lunch. Canter's is a well-known, and humongous, Jewish restaurant/deli/bakery/bar. We had an excellent pastrami on rye and some matzo ball soup. Mmm, tasty!

Then we headed for a long walk on the beach. Now, I grew up on the Oregon coast and this time of year you bundle up and expect to freeze. Not in California! Though it certainly wasn't warm, people were still out in bikinis in the surf! I walked in the surf and the water was actually warmish. I still can't get over that. I was most fascinated by the birds...

On Sunday before we left we had just enough time to visit Venice Beach. Wow, what a crazy place!

I took several videos of these street performers. Unfortunately, I filmed sideways and can't get the thing to turn around the right way! Sorry about that. Here is one for now - turn your head to the left!