Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've already been to Mexicao and Kigali, and that was just over lunch.
Two sixth-grade girls and I walked to Lupita's restaurant in downtown Dayton through the cool sunshine. One explained how my horchata drink was made while I waited for my burrito mojado.
When I returned to school, the Skype icon on my computer beeped to alert me that one of my contacts was online. It was Chrissy in Kigali and she was still awake. Though awake, she was not alert enough to appreciate my helpful suggestions. Maybe she was merely distracted. Could be Chrissy is actually asleep right now and drooling on her computer keyboard while still signed-in to Skype. Could be that she is playing her 12th game of solitaire. Or could be that she is using an alternate font to decode a message from her informant in Uzbekistan. Makes you think. =)

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@bdul muHib said...

I just love horchata! Too bad it's not around more places. Some really good mix up at the Mexican restaurant near Broadway and Pike in Seattle.