Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Okay, so it's probably a bad use of the word, but that was the word going through my mind today as I did a few things to prepare for my trip to Guatemala!

I picked up traveler's checks at the bank and turned in a card at the post office asking them to hold my mail for the next six weeks.

I'll be flying to Guatemala on Monday, June 11th. I arrive in Guatemala City at 5:00 am Tuesday morning where I'll be picked up and we'll head for Antigua. There I'll settle in my new home, maybe check out the market, and brush up on some Spanish. I'll take language lessons Wednesday through Friday. For the rest of the five weeks I'll be working at a school library in Chimaltenango, a short 30-minute chicken bus ride away. On the weekends I may take trips to see different parts of Guatemala, or I may hang out in Antigua.

No matter what, I hope to update the Vicarious Travelblog with pictures and stories so you'll all feel like you're there as well!

I'm sure it will feel more real for me once I actually start thinking about packing... =)

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@bdul muHib said...

We'll miss you a whole bunch!