Friday, June 22, 2007

moscas, cucarachas, and silverfish

This morning there was the biggest cucaracha in the bathroom, on the wall next to the shower. Sometimes a bug is so big, it ceases to be gross and becomes fascinating. At least, I kept telling myself that as I looked at the three-inch antennae swivelling about and its hairy legs and big beady eyes. I was going to take a picture but another student saw it and asked Tomás to take it away. Lo siento! Next time tal vez.

Moscas are flies and they are everywhere. I´m sure I don´t see a single one all day until food is served and then they are out in force. Have you ever seen someone sitting around with flies on them and they don´t brush the flies away? Now I understand why. It´s too much work! You would be constantly waving your arms and brushing them away and they keep coming back. You just give up after awhile (as long as they aren´t on your food anyway).

Silverfish are one brand of bugs that like to eat books. I have now found two books in the library that have been munched on. For the first book the bug must have eaten itself to death. It munched on quite a bit of the book but I don´t know where the bug disappeared to. The librarians seemed to think this was bad and they took the book away, but they haven´t disposed of it. I´m convinced they´ll put it back on the shelf once I´m gone.

I found another book today that had a hole straight through it and the bug had also eaten a line cutting the cover into two pieces. The librarians had taped the cover back together and put the book back in the stacks! Que horor!

I understand books are valuable and people don´t want to get rid of them, but if there is a chance there is a bug that can eat the rest of your books, I think it´s worth it to toss the books out. Different culture though.

Back to the books. And the bugs.


@bdul muHib said...

I love silverfish. But there's only one animal in the world that I think God didn't create. The cockroach. It is an evil deformation of satanic evil. Probably comes from years of seeing them the size of your thumb, flying around, at your head.

Aimees Mom said...

I found a few silverfish in the new apt - probably because we are so close to water. Didn't realize they munched on books. And I have the feast of ages for them on the bookshelves. So, guess I check at ACE for some silverfish traps...


John said...

Even a fragment is capable of conveying both intended and unintended meaning...I say keep'em around.
...the Parthenon was built to Athena and then fragmented relatively recently during its use as a munitions depot.