Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chrissy's run-in with US Customs

One moment of the trip home sticks out in my mind.

Setting: US Customs in Houston, Texas

Cast: Joe Customs Agent, Joyce (me) and Chrissy

Scene One
Chrissy clears customs, by less-than transparent means. =) Joyce honestly discloses that "we" walked through a pasture while in England. Joe calls back Chrissy.

Joe: Did you walk through a pasture in the UK?
Chrissy: I forgot about that.

Final Scene
Joe reams Chrissy for lying to a US Customs Agent. Joyce doesn't get reamed. Both Chrissy and Joyce have to dig through their luggage to get out the shoes they wore while walking in the pasture.

Note: Joyce got to use her walkie talkies while walking through the pastures in England.

Always use walkie talkies while walking in English pastures - they might improve memory.


Aimee said...

(grr - how to get rid of spamming posters!)

Ahem, well I went through customs, had declared on my form that I'd been through a pasture, and they didn't even so much as glance at me - waved me on impatiently. So I didn't stop. =) I was running late for my connect anyway. I hope some horrible disease doesn't break out and they trace it back to me... =\

Liz said...

Oops I did not even think about saying anything about that.....whoops! There were 4 others on the plane from Manchester to Atlanta as well and none of us even mentioned that! I sure hope we did not bring anything back! Does this mean I need to disenfect my shoes I wore? (ha)

Delonna said...

The quick survey here states we have one liar and one honest person. Can you guess which was which?

Joyce White said...

del did you lie too?