Tuesday, March 14, 2006

details, details

When I arrive in Guatemala City at 5:45 a.m. (TOMORROW MORNING!) I'll have about 8 hours to kill before my shuttle bus leaves for Chiquimula. I thought I'd just get to hang out in the airport or go sit in a hotel lobby somewhere...but I just found out it's so much more exciting than that!

And I quote:

There is a nearby bed & breakfast that will pick you up, take you to their hotel and give you coffee, breakfast, a place to put your bags, or whatever your needs will be. They have a nice living room area and garden area. They can also arrange or guide you in visiting a nearby anthropological museum, zoo or Guatemalan market.
The afternoon bus will be going after the two o clock arrivals come and you would need to be back at the airport at 1:30 p.m.

Well that works for me!!

The other detail is that I really wanted to get a ride home from the airport when I return home and everyone I know is either out of town, at a wedding, moving, helping someone move, has visitors, etc. Ack! But I did just finally find someone. Thanks Arlyene!

22 hours and counting...


Anna Dunford said...

As my flight came in to land over the shanty towns that run alongside the runway (eeek - I knew these things existed in theory but seeing them for myself was a whole different ball game) the announcement came over the tannoy system - in English and then Spanish - just to make sure everyone on the plane could understand:

"Could the deportees at the back remain seated until everyone else has got off the plane"

Needless to say half the plane turned around to look - I'm sure it was a totally unnecessary humiliation and did not improve my image of the USA one iota.

We then got off the plane to be met by a whole line of soldiers with their guns at the ready, and I mean big guns - not pocket pistols. There was a big international conference with diplomats and ambassadors etc being held in Guatemala City that week and I was told that was why the extra security but boy it was all scary stuff for someone who'd never left Europe before.

Hopefully you'll get a less intimidating first impression!!! Be warned tho' - the airport is on a high plateau, you are way above the roof tops and then suddenly you feel the wheels hit the ground which is decidedly disconcerting as it looks and feels like you are landing on top of the houses.

Have fun =)

Aimee said...

Thanks for the tip Anna! I'll never forgetting landing in Wellington - I thought we were making a water landing at first! =)

Jessica said...

since you have gone I've eaten a bag and a half of chips, half a jar of salsa, 2 chocolate chip cookies, soy milk, pasta putinesca (sp) and haven't washed a single dish. I watched a movie on TV I've seen a million times and don't know if I will brush my teeth before going to bed. 1 day down 10 more to go. Don't be surprised if I look a little different when you return. Please bring me a mu-mu from Guatemala.

Anna Dunford said...

Ah well seeing as you know what to expect here you'll be fine next time you come! =)

I can live in hope....

A xx

Aimee said...

chocolate chip cookies! where did those come from!? one mumu, on its way... =)

Aimee said...
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Jessica said...

I made a batch and ate them all. I have no self control.

Cosand said...

Oh Aimes. I'm glad you're in one piece. Silly goose. ;)