Tuesday, March 28, 2006

home again

Well, I'm back home again. I got home Saturday, sorry for the delay in posting.

I've been looking through my posts and realized they don't explain things all that well! While I was in Antigua I stayed with a family a block or two from the school. The father and mother worked at Probigua. They had a pretty big house so there were actually 4 bedrooms for students. While I was there the other students were a woman from the midwest, a guy from Germany, and another guy from the US who had just gotten out of the Navy and was going to be going into law school.

We all ate meals together and walked to school together sometimes, but mostly everyone had their own schedules. They were all there for several weeks or months - I was only there for a week. =( Each weekend people would make plans for travels around the country or the city or parties or whatnot. I think I could get used to that. =)

Well, sorry it wasn't as detailed this time as times in the past - but I was only there 10 days and didn't have much computer access.

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