Thursday, May 03, 2012


You've all been patient, so I'll give you some elephants.

Wow, how cool are elephants!? I think they're some of my favorite. They're just so massive and kind of silly with those trunks, and the way they lumber about... they are just fascinating.

Did I mention it rained all morning on our long safari day? I have some pretty hysterical pictures of very wet animals (remember the wet ostriches and cranes?). I think this was the first elephant we saw in the day, just pulling down huge tree branches and stuffing them in his mouth.

We had various elephant sightings after that.

A couple times a herd would cross the road right ahead or right behind us.

This incredible one walked slowly by us and then kept striking poses for awhile. I have lots more pictures of him/her.

This is my National Geographic shot. I'm pretty pleased with this pic. =)

Baby elephant!! The baby was lying on the ground for awhile hiding behind sister/brother. He finally got up and wandered over to the parents, which gave us an idea of just how tiny he was. No tusks yet even. I think Mugweru said he was probably a couple months old.

Everyone is looking out for him!

Here is another herd we found and they decided to cross the road behind us. Toward the end we had to move because another van wanted to get by us, so I lost my cool shot of the little baby.  I love elephants!

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Mom said...

How wonderful to be able to see this magnificent animals in their own habitat! How lucky you are! I am sure you will treasure these memories for a long time.