Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Safari update

I'm home! The whole trip was incredible, wonderful - and the safari was amazing! I'm dealing with a bit of jet lag I guess - I get utterly exhausted right at 7pm and I just drag and drag till I drop into bed. I'm staying up as late as I can to get myself back on normal time. I'm not even really set to Kenya time, I think, since 7pm here is 3am there - and I'm sure I'd be getting tired long before 3am no matter where I'm at!

Anyway, I've got about 400 pictures and a number of videos from the safari days. Don't worry: I won't be posting all 400 pictures! I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear that not all of them are stunning National Geographic quality. I'm trying to pick the best and my favorites and I'll dole them out a few at a time.
A brief synopsis of the trip: we left the university on Wednesday and went to see the sights at Lake Nakuru National Park. Thursday morning we went to Lake Naivasha for a ride, and to see flamingos and hippos and whatever else there was to see. Then we spent the rest of the day crossing the Rift Valley and getting to the Masai Mara plains. Friday we spent 10 hours in the park, Masai Mara, seeing the sights. We had another couple hours in the park on Saturday morning before heading for the airport.

I'll start with giraffes and rhinos. We didn't do very well with these at all. We saw both of these on the first day at Lake Nakuru - sort of in the brush and off in the distance. I think we saw a giraffe at Lake Naivasha, but I didn't get a photo there. Our wonderful guide kept trying to find giraffes in Masai Mara for us, and I think we may have just spotted a glimpse of one at one point, but they remained shy of us. But no matter, we got to see some in any case and they were amazing!

See mama rhinos horn just over to the right?

I think these were white rhinos (though they looked pretty grey to me).

Lots more animal pictures to come! I totally fell asleep waiting for pictures to upload last night, so I'm finishing this post up today. Coming soon will be lots of interesting birds, lions, elephants, topis, impalas, hippos, etc.

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