Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm off on safari tomorrow, after the conference ends in the morning and I don't know if I'll have access to a computer. Plus I want to save space on my camera, so I have to post these now. =)

The Kenyan (and other African) Friends LOVE to dance and sing and praise God. It seems like one or two sessions a day start with a long and loud Quaker dance party. It usually starts small, with several dozen people and a few brave dancers, then it just grows and grows!

Here is one during the daytime, which you can see better:
Here is one during the night, a bigger crowd, but a bit harder to see:

This one is from last night, a joyous worship, though no dancing. We sang Seek Ye First. For each verse we sang in our own language, so I'm sure it was English, Spanish, French, Kiswahili, Aymayra, German, and who knows what others. (In my small group alone people could speak over 20 different languages!) Then at the chorus we all sang Alleluia, which I guess is the same in whatever language. It was very moving.

And, as promised, here are some pictures of breakfast:

This has been my normal breakfast - a stack of plain white or brown bread with jam and a mug of Kenyan tea. The tea is some combo of milk and tea, maybe more milk than tea. A few mornings I've been lucky and they've had hard boiled eggs.

There are often beans or some sort of porridge (very watery and made from millet) but I couldn't stomach it, so it's usually bread only for me. Many people make sandwiches with the butter and jam and eat them that way.

So today is the last full day. We're having business now (oops, missing out on part of that!) and then dinner and then a celebration! And tomorrow we'll have breakfast and a closing worship, and then the insanity of departures. After experiencing the trip day, I can only imagine. Send organizational and patience thoughts to us all!

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