Thursday, April 19, 2012

The weather

The weather has been very pleasant here so far, especially for a girl raised in Oregon.

The mornings start out a bit cool, but usually comfortable, somewhere above or below 60. The sky is blue, blue, blue and birds are singing.

As the day progresses it gets warmer and warmer and more humid, but probably only up to 70s and low 80s. In the afternoon, without fail, enormous black clouds come rolling in with portentous thunder sounding in the distance. And we all bet on when the rains will come and how hard they will be. Will I get to my room for my raincoat and umbrella before the rain starts? Or will I be out in the middle of it all when the buckets start raining down?

Some days when it starts raining it doesn't let up for the rest of the evening, and even goes on through the night. Other times it rains for a short while and then stops. But the clouds stick around and it cools back down again.

Some people I think are carrying everything they need with them for the day since it can be a long way to get back to your room. Sometimes you need a sweater in the morning, sometimes not. Later in the afternoon you'll definitely want a raincoat and or umbrella. While the sun is out you want longish sleeves and a hat to keep from getting sunburn. When it gets cloudy you want that sweater again because it cools down, especially when the sun goes down. And when it gets dark you really want a flashlight because the campus isn't well lit and the pathways are full of sudden steps up and down, cracks, bumps, etc all waiting to surprise you and trip you in the dark.

What time is it now? Well, I've left my sweater behind and I've got my raincoat and umbrella and flashlight. It has been cooler today so I may wish I had some long underwear bottoms for under my skirt, but I don't think there will be time to go back for those!

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