Friday, April 20, 2012


These are the vans we rode on, with the luggage being secured on top. We are at the Friends Center here, taking a breather in between travels.

Just some buildings. It's not all huts over here, but some pretty big impressive buildings.

and some in process that aren't quite as impressive.

It's very hard to capture the gigantic size of the Rift Valley, but, here's a try...

Following are pictures of the library on campus. Of course. =)

It is a beautiful new building (with nice bathrooms that even have toilet paper!)

This particular section caught my eye. See the sign?

There was nothing there! Oh wait, I think that's it way, way over there.

This is the most sparse library I think I've seen! Even the library I worked in in Guatemala seemed to have more. Of course it probably had less, but the building was much smaller. I am very curious what their plan is, if they need books, if they want them, how they go about getting them. It was just sad to see such an empty library.
But it was beautiful and very quiet.


Mom said...

Great pictures! sounds like you are having a good time so far. Just take it easy, altitude can really tire you out.

Aimee said...

Oh, don't I know it! It also makes it hard to climb up hills and stairs, and you get dizzy. I don't think I'll be adjusted before it's time to leave!

Anonymous said...

With regard to the library, I had them give me a tour as I'm a librarian. Some things were boxed up and set aside to make more room for us.

Thanks for blogging your experiences!