Monday, April 23, 2012


I have a few minutes before dinner to post some random things. I've mentioned animals, flowers, weather, shopping, etc, but I haven't really talked much about the conference itself. I'm not sure if I can yet, or how much I can say. There is a lot.

I think at this point I can say the conference is made up of lots of little moments.
Sitting with a friend as a companion as she gave a difficult message in worship.
Connecting another friend (really sending her in my stead) with a group who had great worship.
My connection with a Kenyan woman who is concerned about the youth in her yearly meeting and wishes they were more supported.
Giving extra clothes to a woman whose luggage has still not arrived.
Wonderful conversations with brand new people.
Finding kindred spirits.
Two of the plenary talks that were challenging, hopeful, uplifting, inspiring.
Just... being open.

I try to get a chance to write in my journal at least once a day to record my thoughts and feelings. There is so much to record! And so much to remember.

Well, back to less serious things (because I need some less serious time at the moment!)
Did I mention I had a pizza and milkshake on Saturday? Oh boy, I could use one of those again. I'm not sure what it is about the food - whether it's too much of the same, or a flavor, or what, but I am eating less and less. Hopefully I'll lose some weight. =)

Following are some variations on what we see for most lunches and dinners. There is usually rice, pasta (spaghetti), and ugali.  There is always some sort of watery soup and half a roll. Then there are beans and/or lentils and/or a beef stew of some sort that is spooned on top. Then there is a great big pile of greens (part kale, part spinach) and a great big pile of coleslaw (just cabbage and carrots). The day I took these photos they had these glorious potatoes. They were so good I went back for a whole plate of just potatoes.
Many people get all of this food piled up in huge piles on their plates. I've found out what I like and don't like and take it from there. I always skip the soup. I usually get only rice and as little a pile as they can give me. I always get the cabbage (except it had pineapple in it one day: SICK!). Sometimes the cabbage is warm, sometimes cold. They did do fried chicken one time, and fried fish another - and both were very tasty. Glorious! I will always go for potatoes. With the beans or lentils or beef stew I either skip it or get them to give me as little as possible. Although yesterday I got a bean dish and it had cilantro! I don't know why, but it tasted so wonderful to me - I've never loved cilantro as much as I did last night. Oh! I should say the potatoes had rosemary in them. Rosemary! I almost cried. I wish I wasn't so obsessed over food. I'm sure this is better than some people eat normally. I'm trying not to complain.
Oh, they do sometimes have watermelon or pineapple as well or bananas. I'll try to post a picture of breakfast...which has been equally...interesting.

These are especially for Patty. I don't know what these are, but someone said they are stork. Whatever they are, they live all over the campus, they are large, and they are loud. I don't know if I'll get a video of them or not. They sort of remind me of bleating sheep. They are obnoxious, but they make me smile. And they are beautiful. 

Off to dinner - wish me luck (and wish me chicken or fish or potatoes!)


Heather Ferguson said...

thanks for posting, Aimee! I am glad to learn of your observations: big, little, practical, all convey moments in the experiences you are having.

Robin M. said...

I actually liked the soup best. And
I think the big loud birds are ibises.