Wednesday, July 20, 2005

17 days and counting...

Ooh, I shouldn't have counted how many days! Less than three weeks! My to-dos are a little bit different.

I'm on the North American committee so my to-dos include a conference call every Wednesday afternoon, the moment I get home, for the next three weeks. I have been taking minutes and posting them online for a year or so, but yesterday I decided I wasn't doing that anymore! No one else has volunteered yet…and I'm okay with that. =) I'm the north american treasurer so my to-dos include going to the PO Box at least twice a week for the next three weeks to pick up checks that are straggling in. And then recording all the information in various places so we know who has donated how much and what participants are paid for. And sending off thank-you notes. And then doing bank deposits. And then there's the occasional transfer to the European bank account so they can cover the travel and university fees. And checking, re-checking, double-checking to make sure everything is accurate in the accounts - good thing I'm detail oriented. =)

Don't forget about my two part-time jobs! And I'm afraid I'm very occupied with other things that will happen after the Gathering. For one, I start grad school a month after my return from England. I'm thinking about purchasing the two required books so I can get a head start on reading. On the plane? Most definitely not!

And, I'm thinking about moving. This could happen as early as August 15th and as late as October 1st. It wouldn't be too difficult as I'd just be moving to the top floor of a three story house, from the basement. But I've been in my little basement (Hobbit Hole, Cave, etc) for over four years! I have a feeling the decision will be made before I go.

Trip-related goals are finding housing options for the four of us travelers; making sure I have everything I need to pack (possibly purchasing a rain jacket - I know, you'd think living in Seattle I'd have one of these!); getting some film for my camera…

I'm sure there are more things, but I just can't think of them now.

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