Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Gearing up to Go!

Since last week I've accomplished quite a bit on my "to do" list. I'm now on the third chapter of my Swahili book (only 15 more to go), I'm almost done with the history of Oregon Yearly Meeting that I've been reading (of course it only goes up to the 70's, right about the time I was born), I've got a lot of my school planning done, I'm signed up for the pre-gathering at Woodbrooke in Birmingham, and I've done some research into some of the sights I want to see while in England. So what are my top sights you might ask? One is the Old Operating Theater in London, a place rich in medicinal and operation procedure history. Another is Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. A visit to England would not be complete without seeing at least one of his plays, and there is the added bonust that it only costs five pounds to be in the area closest to the stage. I would also like to go to the free afternoon concert at St. Something's-in-the-fields (maybe it's St. Martin's). Then if there is time I guess I'd like to see all the other "must see" sights like St. Paul's Cathedral, the British Musuem, and Buckingham Palace.

So before I go, I'll leave you with my most recent bit of Swahili:
Joyce na Aimee na Delonna na mimi tutakwenda Uingereza kwa ndege.
Tutaopa London, York na Edinburgh. Kwa heri.

Translated (probably badly) into Espanol:
Josephina, Aimee, Delonna y yo estamos irando a England por avion.
Nosotros vamos a ver London, York y Edinburgh. Adios.

Translated to English:
Joyce, Aimee, Delonna and I are going to England by airplane.
We will see London, York and Edinburgh. Good bye.

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