Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Holding out...

Okay, I happen to know Joyce, Chrissy, and Delonna are all traveling abroad this week, in the far-away land of Newberg, Oregon. What a perfect opportunity to update us on your travels while you're away! Come on guys - let's hear it!

I am taking yet another mini pre-trip trip this weekend. I've been talked into going home, down in Oregon, to see the family. As ever, I'm into tight turnarounds and traveling light. I'm only staying about 24 hours so won't need more than my backpack, which I'll take with me to work on Friday morning. Right after work (I get off at 1:00) I'll catch a bus into downtown, then go into the tunnels and catch another bus to the international district. From there it's only three blocks to the train station. Hopefully everything will be on time as I'll be stretching it to make the 1:45 train. I do like to cut things close. =)

Then it's a four or five hour ride down along the Puget Sound, across some rivers and into Portland. I will do my best to set an example and update you all while on my "trip."

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