Monday, July 18, 2005

To dos

Here is my update as of today (Tue. the 19th)
Here is the link for the Heritage Pass:

Here is my to-do list:
Arrange for rental car (call/visit AAA) (Visited on the 18th, someone is working on it)
Get International Dr. Lic (at AAA)
Get European phone from Emily (Left message for her to call me back)
Order luggage (dropping off check today)
Finish WGYF paperwork (I can't seem to find it online.. Aimee??)
Notify my bank I'll be out of country (so they don't cancel my cards!) (I found out we need to do this 24 hours in advance, and yes, we all should do it so they don't cancel our cards!)
Buy British Heritiage Cards (Joyce will do)

Buy German Language CDs

Aside from that:
Finalize a friend's wedding design
Buy stuff for wedding
Pick up Hannah from the airport
Pick up Nichola at the airport
Shakespeare Presentation
Shop for her dress
Meet a friend for breakfast
See Charlie and the Chocolate Factory w/students
Reading group w/ students

I think it will be fine.

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