Wednesday, July 13, 2005


As Aimee has said there are but four weeks left before we leave for England. I guess it's finally time to start doing all of those things I meant to do a year ago in order to prepare. So here's my list to accomplish before getting on the plane: Learn Swahili, review my Spanish, read about 10 books on Quaker History including George Fox's Journal and Barclay's Apology, save some money, put together a Northwest Yearly Meeting scrapbook to show to people at the gathering, decide what to bring and how to pack it, apply for the pregathering session at Woodbrook (at least that's where I think it is), and finally figure out with my other traveling buddies just where we'll be going and what we'll be doing that week befor the conference. Also, there is the little worry of my passport arriving in time. I sen it off the first week of June and haven't got it back yet, but there's still plenty of time before the plane leaves.

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Aimee said...

You don't have a passport yet!? =) That's classic. =)