Friday, July 15, 2005

Invisible members & pre-trip

Happy Friday to one and all! We joked about it, but now I fear it's true. We have two invisible (perhaps make-believe?) members of this traveling group: Joyce and Delonna.
I guess Delonna has an excuse because her computer isn't working and she has no access. But Joyce! Where are you Joyce? Don't tell me we've already lost a member of our expedition!

I am going on a mini pre-trip this weekend. Since I cannot go to my own yearly meeting (not enough vacation time) I'll be going to North Pacific Yearly Meeting. Well, I have more reasons than just that. For one I've been asked to share in session about what is happening with World Gathering.
After I get home this afternoon I'll be packing furiously and then heading out to catch a series of buses down to Tacoma. I've decided this will be a practice run on not packing very much...since I hope to not pack too much for the England trip. The real reason is that I'm only taking a backpack and I have to fit in 25 WGYF prep books, 7 WGYF t-shirts, 9 WGYF DVDs, and a container with a couple dozen mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. That only leaves room for a shirt and hopefully my pjs! I'll report back on whether or not I make it.

I imagine the rest of the group (invisible or not) agrees that on a trip such as we're taking, no one cares too much if you wear the same clothes a lot. Although Delonna did suggest we try swapping clothes with one another in case we get bored with what we brought - so there's always that option. =)

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