Wednesday, August 17, 2005

aimee again!

It's almost 10 pm here in England and the office is quite. There are three people here working on various things and most have gone to Pendle Bar to play Bible trivia. I must catch up soon - and go to bed! But one more post today to catch up.

I can't even remember what day it was now, but one day we had some time and went off to the British Library. It was quite large and I'm afraid I don't have the details in front of me. But apparently it has the deepest basement in England, with book stacks stretching something like 6 stories tall in the middle of the building. it's a research library so you don't actually get to go into the stacks, but ask for what you want.

I never even got there because we had a very short time there and I really wanted to check out the Hans Christian Anderson exhibit they had there. They tons of stuff about him, original drawings and books, quotes, autobiographics, etc. I'll leave you to read some of his stories or an autobiography instead of repeating it all! But I did find one quote he wrote in May of 1831 after traveling to England when he began to be more famous, which I shall share here:

'Oh, to travel, to travel! If only one could spend one's life fluttering about! I feel as if the world is my home and I shall, I must, frolic about in that home!'

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