Friday, August 05, 2005

Moin moin!

That is the common, local dilect greeting in Hamburg. Aparently, it doesn't work here outside Frankfurt.
I grabbed my "Literary Walking Tours" book as I read the last post. Nothing for Sherlock Holmes. It does have: The Brontes Moors, DH Lawrence's Midlands, Lewis Carroll's Oxford, Thomas Hardy's Dorest, and Jane Austen's Bath.

Hamburg was amazing. A beautiful, flat city. I made getting around easy.. except for the part where I got lost on the #5 bus.
Aug 3:
I woke up in Chris' apartment as soon as he turned the key in the lock as he left. I dwadled around, getting slowly ready. I had to keep telling myself I should hurry along and "You survived China fine not knowing the language, you'll do fine here..."
I did very well really. I got on the right bus, and got off at Rathouse (the legislative building).
walked around the Rathouse square
went on a boat ride through the cannals
walked up to St. Michaels
Ate a dumma (domma?) along the way (A turkish gyro)
Took the elevator to the top of St. Michaels... walked down
Wandered the Crypt
Decided my feet hurt and needed remedy
Took bus 37 back downtown
Looked for a new pair of shoes
Decided I needed a nap and tried to get home4
Got lost somewhere on bus 5
Decided that since I was near a market, I may as well go shopping
Bought a few random things
Finally got home (with the help of 2 old women, a teenage boy and a woman about my age)
Chris arrived around 6:00 and we dressed for the soccer game. I even work a team shirt.
Train to the game with fans
Lots of Anarchists at the game
Stood in line to get my reserved ticket
Bought a scarf
Stood in the standing area and watched it all unfold:
The fans were a mix of businessmen, Anarchists (and all points in between) and a smattering of women
They sang loud songs about love and dedication to San Pauli (and ironically, "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Oscar and Hamerstien.
San Pauli scored the only point of the game
It was pouring.
Port area next. We saw where the Beatles got their start, which meant going through the Red Light District.
Home and in bed by 12:45am.
Up at 5:30.
Dressed, checked email, packed, 10 minutes of silent worship and off we went to send me down here to Frankfurt.

Long post... but there it is!

I am happy to report I slept almost 8 hours tonight! The past few nights I'd only been able to sleep 5. It didn't matter that I went to bed at 12:00 or later, I just woke up.

Chris and I had a fabulous moment of silence before we headed to the train to send me off (and he left for work).


Aimee said...

Cool Delonna. I'm glad you're having adventures and fun already! I can't wait to join the fun. I'm leaving tomorrow morning - 24 hours from now in fact!!

Chrissy said...

Can't wait to meet up with you in London. I'm so jealous that you got to go to a soccer game.