Thursday, August 18, 2005

aimee says - continuing the story

Wednesday morning we decided to split up a bit. Joyce and I went to see the Tower of London and the crown jewels, Delonna went to the British Museum, and I think Chrissy went to the Tower Bridge. We were all going to meet back at the Museum at 11:45, then head back to our rooms, grab our stuff, and head out of town.

Joyce and I took a bit more time at the Tower though wandering through the grounds, looking at all the crown jewels, etc. It felt like we really didn't spend that much time there at all and I think we'd both like to go back and see it in more detail. We ended up leaving there around 12ish and jumping back on the tube. We made it to Totenham road station around 12:15 and decided to call Delonna. We thought it would be better if we continued on to our hostel instead of meeting up. We called Delonna and Chrissy still hadn't showed up! So Joyce and I continued on to our hostel at Sheperd's Park station and when we arrived there, called again. Still no Chrissy! So Joyce and I did email for awhile, then called - still no Chrissy! It had occured to us that she didn't have Delonna's cell phone and I wasn't sure if she remembered what tube stop to get off on, and I don't know if she had a watch to check the time - I worry a lot when traveling, we've all realized. =)

Anyway, at some point Chrissy finally caught up with Delonna and they made their way back to us. We grabbed our bags and jumped back on the tube and rode it out of town. We were on our way to pick up our car for the journey north. We got off the tube at a station in the middle of nowhere it seemed. Someone pointed us down the road to the car place 'about ten or fifteen minutes walk.' After an eternity we made it to the car shop only to find out we needed our confirmation email which we hadn't brought. Was there an internet place nearby? 'about ten or fifteen minutes walk' back the way we came! We found out everything was ten or fifteen minutes walk from wherever we were. It took FOREVER to get the car! While Delonna and Chrissy were getting the details down the road, Joyce and I went to a little shop for lunch. We had pies with peas and chips. Sounds odd I suppose. =) I think joyce's was a kidney pie, can't remember mine; chips are of course fries; and the peas were excellent!

We finally got the car and began a short lesson on how to drive on the left side of the road. Delonna did quite well, but perhaps I'll stop here and let her tell. =)

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Aimees Mom said...

Thanks so much for you detailed comments - once again i feel like I am there with you! Can't get everyone at OHCS to follow the blog, so I have been copying the postings to the bulletin board and your fans are happy. Miss you, our prayers are with you. Enjoy the pictures at WGYF - I have been copying them into a letter for Grandpa along with the blog comments since he is a Luddite.

love Mom