Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Finally in London (from Chrissy's perspective)

So here we are in London. Yesterday Joyce and I met a girl from Alaska on our flight over (Her name was Kerrico). We helped eachother figure out how to get to Victoria station where Aimee was waiting for us. Then we went to find the St. Christopher's hostel at Shephard's Bush. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring the directions, so we didn't find it until after going the wrong way, asking several people for directions, and then finally stopping at an internet cafe to get the directions on line. Then we went to lunch in the crypt of St. Martin's-in-the-field. They had a very nice cafeteria. Aimee and Joyce had cheese sandwiches, while I splurged on quiche, salad, figs, olives, and bread with a sweet onion spread. We had enough time to get tickets for Les Miserable before going to get Delonna.

Then it was off to find Delonna. Seeing as she was at the Victorian charter bus station and we were at the Victorian train/city bus station, it took us a while to connect. We then lugged her luggage(including the extra bag she'd picked up in Germany) to a Burger King so that she could eat and we could have ice cream. Then Aimee and I went to pick up her luggage and Delonna and Joyce went back to the hostel.

Finally we got dressed and headed to the theater. Well I'm out of time, I'll post again tomorrow.

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Eric Muhr said...

Lost the directions? Probably, this is supposed to surprise me.