Saturday, August 13, 2005

blog (the other)

so, I haven't posted here since arriving.. but I have posted elsewhere! In an attempt to not be a complete traitor to either blog, I'm posting links on both. So, visit my other one for more travel info and this one for group info. I may get to post on both when I have time, but for now, this is going to have to do!

We have done nothing today but sleep, read, eat, shower and check email/internet correspondence. And that is exactly how I like it.
We are going to the Meeting house later today to see a show. I went out last night and bought 1/2 price tickets to see an Irish string quartet/comedy troup. Aimee left us yesterday for Lancaster, and Joyce took Chrissy to the train early this AM. She and are in the process of determining what we really have time and inclination to do for the next few days. She would like to go horseback riding, and I want to visit Livingston (not far from here).

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