Friday, August 05, 2005


So it appears that we have to find a place to stay in London and in York because our contacts have not panned out. Due to an unhappy stay in a hostel with my brother five years ago, I must admit that I'm not excited about another one. However, hostels do seem to be the cheapest way to go. St. Christopher's Inns in London seem to have the best prices and availability. They are also conveniently located. However, I'd much rather stay in the Cherry Court Hotel near Victoria Station. The difference in price? about 2-10 pounds, depending on what type of hostel room you stay in. I've also found a promising hostel in York called the York Backpackers Hostel. I've sent an inquiry to see if they have beds available on the 9th. At least we have people to stay with in Edinburgh.


Aimee said...

I'll have to let you know about my hostel in London. It seems really nice so far!

Eric Muhr said...

Speaking of places to stay, we had a request for this next school year. Do you have access to e-mail? Please respond to