Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A busy day of sight seeing (Chrissy's perspective)

Well today I have a whole 12 minutes to write and a computer that actually functions well; that means that this may be a long post. I probably won't get as many responses as Aimee, though, because I don't know if my mom will respond three times to this post. :)

So yesterday we started out at St. Paul's cathedral. We got there about 11:00 A.M. because we had to stop and get our heritage passes and use the internet at the tourist info office. This very large cathedral has actually been built three different times. The first two buildings were destroyed by fire. It has many memorials to war heros. (Does that seem a little odd in a church?) One of my favorite memorials was to a naval officer. It said something about him being appointed by providence to maintain the royal navy as the most powerful in the world. Then to the left of the memorial was a plaque with a quote from Luke saying: Do harm to no man. A bit ironic don't you think?

Next I went to the crypt. They have all these signs about the displays having alarms and at one time Joyce beeped me on the walkie talkies and I thought I'd set off an alarm until I rembered the walkie talkie in my bag.

Delonna and I climbed up to the inside of the dome. There if you whisper next to the wall people on the far side of the dome can hear you. We got to listen in on an interesting conversation between a father and son. Climbing the rest of the way to the top we met a lady named Charlotte from Vancouver, Canada, and discussed knee ijuries and climbing the Statue of Liberty with her. At the very top we got some great pictures of the city and talked to a couple from Conneticut. The climb was deffinitely a great workout.

We had lunch for the second time in a crypt. ( I wonder if this will become a pattern?) They had some humongous pieces of pizza and Joyce bought some delicious cheese cake. After buying some stuff at the gift shop, we headed off to the globe theatre.

Joyce and I got standing tickets and were very close to the stage. The play was The Tempest. It was amazing because even though there are about 12-15 parts in the play, the whole thing was done by only three actors. They were all guys, so the women's parts looked a bit odd.

Well, I'm almost out of time, so here is the short version of the rest of the day:
Joyce went to get her water bottle which she'd left in the Crypt of St. Paul's. Aimee and Delonna went to see a replica of some ship. I went to get Joyce and we all met at Westminster Abbey for evensong. Then we went on the eye and ate dinner.


Mom said...

Hi, Sounds wonderful. Be sure Joyce does not drive.

Dad said...

Have you let Joyce drive? Sounds like a fun day.

Eric Muhr said...

Sorry, doesn't look like we met the comment quota.

@bdul muHib said...

Your comments on the quotes in St. Paul's remind me of something I saw near the church. Two statues, separated by a block. The first to Wilberforce, for ending slavery. The 2nd to Sir Walter, the leader of the British forces that raped the people and culture of Ireland. Another interesting juxtaposition.