Friday, August 05, 2005

Tuesday and Wednesday Itineraries

We can't start using the heritage pass until Tuesday because we want it to last until Friday so that we can get into Edinburough Castle. So here are the things we'd like to see Tuesday and Wednesday and the times they'll be open.

Probably Tuesday
8:30-16:00 St. Paul's Cathedral (H. Pass)
9:30-12:30 Shakespeare Globe Tour (H. Pass)
9:30-18:00 British Library
10:00-17:30 British Musuem
9:30-15:45 Westminster Abbey (7.50 pounds) -- Evensong at 17:00 (free)
14:00/16:00 The Tempest at the Globe (5 pounds)
9:30-21:00 London Eye (11.50 pounds)

Probably Wednesday
9:00-18:00 Tower of London (6.75 pounds w/H. Pass)
10:00-18:30 Tower Bridge Experience (H. Pass)
The Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace (H. Pass)
11:00/11:30 The Changing of the Guard
9:45-16:00 Windsor Castle (H. Pass) -- drive out to it on our way to York?
14:00-16:00 Leave for York

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