Saturday, August 20, 2005


Nothing like being separated by a common language! I've been collecting lots of interesting phrases that are used here.

In response to 'Do you want to share this tray?' = 'go on'

In response to 'Do you want chips or peas?' = 'I'm easy'

There's also a lot of 'faffing' about. Faffing about with our memory sticks, faffing about with details, faffing about with unimportant things, etc.

People often 'can't be bothered.' As in, 'do you want to run over to the store?' = 'ooh, I can't be bothered' or 'I couldn't be bothered.'

There are more which I can't remember right now. But the funny thing about this worldwide conference, I'm not sure where these phrases are really all from. So, pardon my possible english/irish/scottish/canadian/nepalese/australian/kenyan/new zealand/mexican/guatemalan/russian/bolivian/peruvian/indian/french/dutch/etc phrases/accent. =)

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