Sunday, August 07, 2005

Confirming plans

Just to be safe, I wanted to be sure I had the game-plan down:
I arrive at 1:50pm. I"ll hop the tube and get to the YH. I"ll check for reservations under our names, but if there isn't one, I'll make my own. Then, I'll head to Big Ben.
I'll be expecting a phone call at about 2:30... right??
If things go off, I'll drop by Big Ben every 1/2 hour until about 6:00 when I will probably just return to the hostel.

I have enjoyed Germany immensly. France also. I bought Mike a gift in France I know he will love and I hope he'll like what I got him here in Germany. I bought a cute outfit... that I would not have normally picked out for myself. Its white. I'm a bit of a clutz.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I think I'm tired of planes. I will feel much better when the four of us are together. I hope we will take time for silence... I crave it right now.

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