Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tickets from Lancaster to London

So, Joyce and I decided to go online to see if buying train tickets ahead of time from Lancaster to London was cheaper than the World Gathering folks' 60 pound estimate. We found out that 14 day advance tickets are only 15 pounds. However, if you don't book them for the right date they can end up being double that. I accidentally booked ours for the 24th instead of the 25th of August. I called to try to get them changed, but they weren't willing to make them earlier, only later. This was not helpful. (Also, 14 day advance tickets are not refunded.) This meant that I had to go and buy a whole new set of tickets so that Joyce and I are both paying about 30 pounds each (which is still better than the original 60). So, now we have two extra tickets for the 25th. If they are transferrable, we'll hopefully find someone at the gathering who can use them. If not, well at least I learned the lesson of looking at the date before I click on "buy tickets now" buttons.

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