Saturday, August 13, 2005

Thursday - I got to plan it!

6:30am Wake up in York, England
7:10am Brisk walk to Minster (large church)
Breakfast - thanks Delonna!!!
Visit the large of building
Play spy games through the museum
Spend eight hours driving to Edinburgh (instead of the estimated four), and have a lovely time doing it!
More to come on the drive.


Stanley said...

How did the plan pan out?

Joyce White said...

Excellently! I find that for me, having a plan (including leaving times) helps me to hold things loosely. Once I have expressed what I want to do, it is easier for me to let it go.

We went to the Minster and participated in two early morning church services. There was a plaque on the wall of the York Minster (church of England) dedicated to Wilbur Wilburforce, a Quaker, for helping to end slavery in England.

The large building we visited is the Merchant Adventurer's Hall - owned by a group of monopolyzing business men & women. They had a monopoly on most things, salt excluded, up until the mid 1900s. At one point, they also obtained special permission, in the form of a charter, to pray for the royal family.

The museum was full of artifacts depicting every-day life in Yorkshire over the last century and a half. It was started by a doctor who became concerned that people's stories be told and their fading way of life preserved. I played a game similar to "Clue" throughout the whole museum and it made things a lot more interesting for me. We saw the 100 year old wedding dress of a Quaker woman. It was said to be plain, but it look pretty fancy to me. =)