Thursday, August 18, 2005

Traveling in the evening

Looking for places to stay was not always a game. It was serious work.


Joyce White said...

Wednesday night we drove from North England to York. We tried finding our hostel in the city(bright, busy, signless) while using a simple hand-drawn map. And I learned that for some of us, looking for places was not a game. It was serious work.

Yorkians don't post or use signs to navigate. A second set of directions seemed long and complex. We were so relieved upon coming to our hostel that even finding a waterfall in the middle of our room didn't dampen my mood. =)

Thursday night (York to Edinburgh, Scotland) we ambled around Amble to Workworth on the East coast: ruins of a castle and a musselcular dinner over conversation in Jen. Next - back in the car and head towards Edinburgh.

As the adventure continued and the sky grew darker, I was pleasently impressed with our good mood. We had grown out of Wednesday night's frustrating experience. However, we still couldn't get around like we hoped. In and around Alnwick, we kept coming back to the same places, particularly: a castle. We laughed instead of cried when a gas attendent told us that we'd twice gone past the well-lit Alnwick castle used in the Harry Potter movies. Several people gave us less than exact directions. Some applied the word "round-about" to any intersection.

After being on the road twice as long as we expected, calling Rachel in Edinburgh on the cell phone and having her help us decipher the map and directions, and then being greeted by a wonderful meal, we all went to sleep around 1:30am.

Eric Muhr said...

This is a creative idea: commenting in the post and posting in the comments.

Joyce White said...

I felt a bit overwhelmed by lengthy posts - kind of like too much talking during worship: not enough space. I'm called to be spacey =)

Anonymous said...

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Caprina said...

Joyce & Chrissy

It sounds as though you are indeed representing "us" & Christ well. Please keep, taking every opportunity Christ opens for you, to repeat the message of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is the relationship with him that is sorely missing and most important. He is the one who can creat unity in the body of believers. As we are believers in Christ not in "a" spirit but in what he has done for us and offers to each one.

You most likely are not too far from the church Char and I attended in Fulham, at least if you have been to the church building where the Friends began in London. The Fulham Church has a special place in my heart as believers in Christ.

Love you, sounds like you are having a great time.


Joyce White said...

Thanks Caprina! I am excited to find God where I didn't expect and to be challenged myself. God loves all of us sooooo much!!