Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tentative Itinerary

So we talked again on Sunday and tried to figure out last minute details before Dalonna left for Germany. The biggest issue seems to be how we're going to meet up on Monday. Dalonna will be posting her phone number so that we can call her, but it may be a bit more difficult for Joyce and I to meet up with Aimee. Here's our plan so far:

9:55 Joyce and Chrissy arrive at Gatwick airport

10:30 Joyce and Chrissy catch the shuttle to Victoria Station (12 pounds)

11:00 arrive at Victoria Station where Aimee will be waiting to meet us. Hopefully Aimee will have already done the following:

~gotten all of us 3 day bus/tube passes for Zone 1&2 (15 pounds)

~visited the Britain and London Visitors Centre at 1 Lower Regent St. just off Piccadilly Circus in order to picked up information on walking tours (especially if they have a Sherlock Holmes one) -- this is also where the bus/tube passes may be found, and the theatre guides

~go by Leicester square or Canary Wharf Docklands Light Railway Station (near platforms #4 and #5) to get tickets for the theatre Monday night (preferably 18:00 or later) Make sure to go to the freestanding kiosk with the "tkts" name as there are several dishonest outfits nearby that advertise "official half-price tickets."I would like to see Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, or Mama Mia if possible.

12:00 After dropping off our stuff wherever we may be staying and reimbursing Aimee for tube
pass and theatre tickets, we'll need to go and pick up our heritage passes.

13:00 Lunch and a free concert at St. Martin's-in-the fields.

14:00 Dalonna's plane arrives, we'll be walking from St. Martin's down towards Big Ben. We
will call Dalonna on the way and arrange a time to meet near Big Ben.

15:00 Meet Dalonna near Big Ben, perhaps go and see the Westminster Abbey or the Old
Opperating Theatre or the British Musuem or Library.

17:00 Return to our place of residence to get ready for the theater

18:00 Eat dinner

19:00 Go to the theatre

So there is the tentative schedule for Monday the 8th.

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