Monday, August 22, 2005

Climbing Pendle Hill

Most of us at the World Gathering climbed up Pendle Hill today. This is the hill upon which George Fox had a vision of a large number of people to be gathered to God

"Didn't George Fox envision us in our climb: a great people to be gathered from all corners of the earth and branches of the Quaker Tree." - Ute Caspers, speaker WGYF 2005

"George Fox chose a challenging way to climb. This could be seem as a metaphor for us. There might be easier ways to live. But we choose to allow the Spirit to challenge us. Maybe it will be worth the view, especially if we have each other . . .. Get enough rest so we can be ready to face the challenges of loving each other." - Cherice Bock, facilitator WGYF 2005

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Joyce White said...

It did not rain during our climb!

And I thought the climb was fairly easy. There were stone steps and a defined path to climb on. On the top, it was very windy. We ate lunch, sang songs, I talked with Ayuyu, we took pictures and then began the climb down. The way down required concentration on the steep, slippery parts.

It was calm.

While walking by sheep after sheep after bleeting sheep, through the green pastures and kissing gates and over stone walls, I remembered the walkie-talkies in my bag.

"Silver Spur calling Fox, Silver Spur calling Fox. Fox come in. Goldey Locks is accounted for; I repeat, Goldey Locks is here."

Aimee laughed.

Playing is so important. I can't take myself too seriously.